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Thursday, 8 January 2004


Officially Unofficial

Rod Chavez has posted an article about running BEA WebLogic Server 8.1 on OSX to O’Reilly. It’s really, really cool that this works, and I’ve had the entire platform (including Workshop) running on my TiBook happily for several months, thanks to Sam’s efforts.

One thing I’d dispute — in the comments, someone says

It’s good to see that there are at least a few people within BEA with an eye on Mac OS X, as “unofficial” as it may be at this time. Keep up the good work!

Few people, my arse! We’re taking over! :)

Seriously, it’s amazing how many people you see with their own PowerBooks in pretty much every office, especially since the 15” AlBook came out. I see this trend in many other places, both within Silicon Valley (Sun, Google (Hi Aaron, how’re you liking that new 12”?) etc.) as well as in places like the W3C, IETF and other bastions of traditional Unix geeks. Rumour has it that the halls of Microsoft itself are graced by a few PowerBooks, and not just in the design departments, either…

This is all new, and it’s directly related to how well Apple has done OSX. Considering that Longhorn won’t ship until ‘05 at the earliest, it’ll be interesting to see how far ahead Apple can get; it looks like they’re settling into one major release a year.

P.S. For those that would like to influence AndrewL’s decisions, my office is right across the hall, and I’m happy to pass along bribes :)