mark nottingham, version 0.45

Tuesday, 10 February 2004


This minor revision fixes the “admin” namespace’s URI to agree with the feed validator and pretty much all other implementations.

From the docs;

This library provides tools for working with RSS feeds as data structures. The core is an RSS parser capable of understanding most RSS formats, and a serializer that produces RSS1.0. The RSS channel itself can be represented as any arbitrary data structure; two such structures are provided both as examples and to service common usage. This approach allows channels to be manipulated and stored in a fashion that suits both their semantics and the applications that access them.

Thanks to Dave Beckett for the bug report.

One Comment

Jim McManus said:

I like your program. We are using it to create RSS feeds for user subscriptions, and providing it to users along with another script that enables them to FTP the data listed in the feed. An example feed is at:


Friday, January 21 2005 at 4:48 AM