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Wednesday, 5 May 2004



I’ve got to say that iTunes 4.5 is scary addictive.

Usually, I have a problem in buying music, because by the time I get to the record shop, I forget what I want, and I’m confronted with rows and rows of albums and a lack of patience. The iTunes Music Store helped a little bit because it’s always there (as long as you’re online), but you’re still confronted with the sheer volume of potential selections.

Now, in the newest rev, they’ve got iMixes — user-submitted playlists — that are linked from albums that they contain. In other words, if you look up a song you like on iTMS, you’re one click away from a playlist containing similar songs that you’ve probably never heard, but will like. This one, for example [iTunes required].

Additionally, every album and artist in your library as well as on the music store has a little button that takes you to the appropriate page on iTMS, so it’s easy to discover and explore the links between songs (Hmm, sounds like a job for the Semantic Web…).

So, now it’s really easy for me to find and buy music that I like. The bastards.


Yaron said:

A long time ago there was an outstanding service called firefly that let you enter in your favorite music and would then make recommendations based on matching your preferences with people with similar preferences and then looking for music they liked that you didn’t list. I was amazed at how well it worked. The user-submitted playlists sound like a much simpler version of the same feature. But I miss the real thing.

Thursday, May 6 2004 at 9:59 AM

Concerned Citizen said:

Off Topic: Am I crazy or did this site just switch over to a Geneva font? A bunch of sites all seemed to have done this at once… The Guardian, Sam Ruby’s… or maybe I’m just seeing things. Was this coordinated in some way??? FWIW it doesn’t render particularly well in Firefox on Windows…

Friday, May 7 2004 at 8:28 AM