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Design depends largely on constraints.” — Charles Eames

Friday, 25 March 2005


Site Updates

After a deeply wounding comment about this site’s design from SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHO THEY ARE last week, I’ve refreshed the stylesheets and front page design.

OK, truth be told I was working on it anyway. Still, the comment was noted — NOTED, my friend — and I’m taking names.

Tweaking is still taking place; IE/Win doesn’t quite work right (but I’m not too motivated to fix it) and colours were never my strong suit, so I’m getting expert advice (OK, from Anitra, but she is an expert, and very good with colour too).

In the process, I’ve added a linkblog (through with all those fun little links that I can’t think up enough witty and insightful commentary about to make into proper blog entries.

I’ve also updated the license on most of the software distributed here to the MIT X Windows license, and harmonised many of the documentation licenses. My intent is to get almost all of it down to a small set of licenses over time, but some software is in the process of revision now, so sit tight.

Comments and suggestions to the usual place, flames to the bit bucket.