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Sunday, 17 November 2002

New toys

We just replaced our phones with
Sony Ericsson T300s with T-Mobile; sooo cool.

I’ve never really been interested in WAP, WML, etc., but now the floodgates have opened. Unfortunately, there are a few problems; apparently, their gateway limits page size to somewhere south of 6k (ouch), and the GPRS is a bit erratic. Now I just need to get more application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml content up there.

For the curious, here’s the media types listed in the Accept header:

application/vnd.wap.connectivity-wbxml, */*,

q-values would be nice, but oh well.

The user-agent is:

And the Via header gets:
(Nokia Artuse WAP Gateway 3.0/ECD9/1.2.89),
HTTP/1.1 proedwmpxy02[05050624]
(Traffic-Server/5.1.3-55590 [uSc])


More generally, they apparently firewall connections out, so I can’t use the phone’s built-in IMAP client to access e-mail at home. It also seems to want a SSL certificate that’s signed by one of the Big Boys as well, but I’m not willing to shell out that kind of cash for a personal site.

The only other gripe that I have is that the polyphonic ringtones aren’t much use, because they’re so weak (but very pretty…).

Other cool bits - the communicam, of course; it goes up to 640x480, and you can MMS, e-mail or infrared pictures out. Speaking of infrared, the integration with Palm is fantasic; I can just beam a card and it works. Also, it allows multiple numbers for people (with separate icons for home, work, mobile, email) so that you don’t need multiple top-level entries for them.

You can record an in-progress phone conversation into memory. Gererally, this phone is a t68i with a different (IMHO better) look and without Bluetooth. shrug

P.S. SonyEricsson’s Web site is one of the worst I’ve seen; URI abuse at its worst. Getting a working link to the phone was a challenge, and I’m still not sure it works…

One Comment

Anthony said:

Do you know if the 6K limit is still in effect? Also, how did you figure it out?

I have a customer who is getting a Error 500 when trying to load a very simply wml document. The same page works fine on other networks. I just doesn’t work w/ T-Mobile.

Any ideas? Thanks Anthony

Tuesday, June 3 2003 at 6:29 AM