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Saturday, 26 April 2003


It's alive

For those who have been helping, it’s alive, has been for almost a week, but I still want to do a bit more documentation, hunt down a few bugs, and get some more unit tests down.

Unfortunately, I need more !@#$ memory for the iMac to do that (long story), and !@#$ Fry’s sold me a dodgy 512M module. On top of that, Charlie was sick Thursday night, I was sick last night and still feel crap, and Anitra has it tonight.

All that said, I think there’ll be a public alpha in the next couple of weeks (I’ll get the memory from Amazon).

One Comment

Marc g said:

If you haven’t ordered yet I’d recommend Crucial, I’ve never had a problem with their stuff. I always got burned at Fry’s or Best Buy. Lifetime warranty memory is the only way to go as it’s less error prone, at Crucial that’s all you’ll get.

Monday, April 28 2003 at 2:47 AM