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Monday, 28 April 2003


I'm an overlord and I'm OK...

[I tried to post this as a comment on Sam’s blog, but I think there may still be transitional issues over there… ]

Overlord? COOL… I don’t think I’ve ever been the overlord of anything.

Seriously, as Sam says, it’s more about documenting best practices and getting people to agree upon something. If we rely on one person - whether it’s Sam, me, Don, Dave, Ben or anybody else with a monosyllabic given name, we’re asking for still more fragmentation in the RSS world.

Sam, the regex looks good. The other approach would be to define a new element that had the same semantic, but was a proper W3C datetime, so that it could be schema-validated. I don’t know that it would buy much (except cleanliness) over the regex approach, and we’re way beyond basic hygiene with RSS…


Bill Kearney said:

Use the Dublin Core date elements. There are several. They’re all based on W3CDTF format which is a subset of the ISO8601 form. The subsetting is a means to limit the style to just a date instead of the 8601’s larger set of ranges and other expressions of temporal values.

Their use is already seen in RSS:

Then there’s also the qualified set:

The fortunate thing is they all use the W3CDTF form. No messy x822 regexps are needed.

Tuesday, April 29 2003 at 7:59 AM

Bisyllabic GN said:

+1 to Bill’s suggestion.

Apart from W3CDTF’s existing use and ‘standards goodness’ it’s a doddle to deal with in Java ;-)

Tuesday, April 29 2003 at 11:38 AM