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Saturday, 3 May 2003


Semantic Syndication

Excellent. Danny Ayers proposes a
Simple Semantic Resolution RSS 2.0 Module.

This approach is the most sensible for ANY application of Semantic Web technology (as I’ve argued before). Rather than foisting RDF’s ugly, unusable XML syntax on applications, map from a native XML format to RDF.

This gives you a number of advantages;

Danny’s chosen to use XSLT; another approach is to adorn XML schemas with hints to extract statements from their instance documents.

This is a good move; I’m hoping that efforts like this will convince the RDF crowd that RSS deserves to live on its own, unencumbered by the growing pains of RDF, while still getting value from it.

P.S. what the heck does “predominantly public domain” mean?

One Comment

Danny Ayers said:

Thanks Mark!

I’m probably a bit more pro-RDF/XML, but I agree on most of your points. Your RSS 2.0 RFC was one of the things that got me considering piggy-backing RSS 2.0.

btw, it should have read “Primarily Public Domain” ;-)

(oops) - basically I’m using Sjoerd’s XSLT and I don’t want to interfere with his license.

Monday, May 5 2003 at 7:32 AM