mark nottingham


Monday, 5 May 2003


I’ve finally gotten sick enough of a project that I’ve been working on for waaaay too long to release it to the unsuspecting^H^H^H general public.

Tarawa is, in short, a HTTP server API that tries to apply some of the lessons we’ve learned recently in discussions regarding the Web architecture and REST.

This release is for Python; the API is currently very Python-specific, but I expect that to change. It’s also very alpha, but should be functional for playing with.

I hope to get something more substantial together in the near future, including a different Server (and hence better performance) as well as more illustrative sample applications; I’ve got a port of Wallal to it (which was really the prototype for Tarawa) about 3/4 done.

Comments very much welcome; I’m interested to see what people think.