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Wednesday, 4 June 2003


RSS Soundbite

Tim Bray is looking for an RSS soundbite, what some people would call an elevator pitch, I suppose (aren’t they supposed to be level? Never mind).

I made an attempt at motivating RSS for people a while back, in the same style as the caching tutorial; I’ve gotten reasonably good feedback since, but I’m still not sure it’s good enough to sell it to a non-technical crowd. Comments?

One Comment

Doug Ransom said:

I think the audience for RSS Soundbite should not be the technical audience. I think the audience should be people who need to get their message out – people with job adds to place, marketing communications, newsletters, etc. They need to know RSS is an effective tool for their business communications and that it is cheap to get some programmer to generate feeds for them. RSS 1.0 (or any other version) is not a technical challenge for anyone who can code.

I tried to balance this presentation for a mixed techncial and nontechnical audience.

Friday, June 6 2003 at 7:14 AM