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Saturday, 14 June 2003



Sean McGrath, Macintouch and others point out OxygenXML, a pretty slick-looking XML editor. Either it’s pretty new and only now coming onto the scene, or I’ve had my head deeper in the sand than is typical.

To put it through its paces, I shoved the source for the WS-I Basic Profile through it. Pretty impressive; it does XML Schema validation (and apparently RNG too), as well as XSLT (doesn’t seem to recognize the appropriate PI, tho).

The place where it really wins over XML Spy (the defacto choice of most people who aren’t emacs nuts, it seems) is in how it helps data entry; XML Spy gives you a list of candidate elements and attributes to insert, but it’s the ENTIRE content of the schema; OxygenXML is context-sensitive. Woo-hoo!

Doesn’t do any visual Schema design; XML Spy rules here, so I may be switching back and forth for a while.