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Tuesday, 24 June 2003


Starting Fresh

Sam Ruby suggests a roadmap for a new effort that may very well replace RSS.

I and many other people have been tempted in the past to do this, and the landscape is littered with the their bones (always wanted to use that phrase in context). They haven’t worked because they don’t have convergence - adding another format to the mix doesn’t help, especially with RSS getting more adoption every day. In large part, this is why I chose to push the profiling approach.

I think this time around may be different. Profiling didn’t work out because of the well-documented politics of RSS. A fresh effort will work if it has the resources – and Sam is said to be working on this full time (thanks, Sam’s boss!), and it appears to be getting the buy-in.

So, for the record, I fully support this effort. Sam and others seem to be leaning towards the IETF, and I think that’s a good idea; I’m happy to put an editorial or helper hat on if the need arises, as well as contributing technically when I’m able to.