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Sunday, 24 August 2003


Atomic Draft

Somehow, I’ve been drafted into editing the Atom syntax specification, and have just thrown up a first draft.

I’m reasonably happy with the language around the requirements, but a lot more needs to be said about conformance (maybe it’s all that time in WS-I ;) and use of XML, as well as extensibility and embedding.

For those who wonder, my place in this process is pretty much at arm’s length; I’m interested in Atom/Pie/Echo/Whatever, but don’t have time to actively participate, really (and yes, I agree that a transparent dispute resolution mechanism would be a Good Thing).

As a result, I plan to sit on the side and incorporate whatever changes the community gives to me, acting as a pure editor (in fact, I should be listed as editor, not author, in the draft, but I see that the XSLT didn’t surface that). When I participate technically, it’ll be limited to taking pot shots from the side, either here on on the mailing list, based on what I see in the drafts as I send them out.

One other thing: if you have been participating in the Atom project, go to the ContributorsList and add yourself, so you can get credited.