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Saturday, 13 September 2003


Next time somebody says “let’s install Bugzilla to track that” consider Roundup instead (unless you like painful, bloated software).

Roundup is well-architected, modular, extensible, small in footprint, and Pythonic. You can run it on top of any number of back ends (standalone Web server, Apache CGI, Zope) and it speaks HTTP, e-mail and command-line. It’s well-documented (a rarity these days) for both users and developers (with the bonus of a design overview). It conforms to good UI practices. What’s not to like?

Originally designed by Ka Ping Yee (of Pydoc and peephole fame; if you haven’t seen the peephole demo movie yet, I suggest you do, it’ll blow you away), it’s now maintained by Richard Jones, who happens to know Luke Mewburn, who suggested it to me. Luke (my brother-in-law) has a habit of suggesting useful software (last success: Unison), the trend continues here.