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Monday, 1 March 2004


Atom Theme Song?

This just popped up on the iTunes “new releases” list. I think we’re going to see some Atom-related products called “Tomato.”


Phil Ringnalda said:



A little bit of link context can be a good thing, especially if following a link requires a 19.5 MB download and software installation, just to find out the title of a song.

Monday, March 1 2004 at 12:15 PM

Phil Ringnalda said:

The flames of my inferiority complex almost never get fanned by [This] or [Some Band’s Atomato]. It was just the combination of Mac-ness (yeah, there’s a Windows version, but 19.5MB?) and the hours of dialup-downloading it would take for me just to get the joke that triggered me (since I wasn’t bright enough to look at the URL for your post, which I presume is also the song title). Pay no attention to my whining.

As to a natural profile of media types, I’d think it’s mostly “what I already have something installed to handle.”

Tuesday, March 2 2004 at 9:52 AM