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Wednesday, 8 September 2004

Australia Personal Travel

And now for something completely different: Roadblog!

I’m typing this from the Red Carpet Club in San Francisco International Airport, about to depart on a snap vacation to Melbourne.

By “snap vacation,” I mean that I didn’t have a gleam in my eye about this trip two weeks ago, but thanks to a generous fare from United ($650 round trip!) and generous flexibility from my employer, here I am.

Anitra and Charlie are staying behind for this one; she couldn’t get away from work, and will be going to Australia to hear some wedding bells (shhh, big secret) in January.

Why Australia? For those that don’t know, Anitra is Australian; I lived with her in Melbourne for four years before coming to California at the behest of Akamai. I haven’t been back since mid-2002, and in that time my nephew has turned into a toddler, and my brain has forgotten what it’s like there. Time to refresh.

I’ll attempt to blog (with pictures!) my way through it, as an experience, and as a aid to the continuing development of the travel guide that I’ve had to put together at the request of everyone (you know who you are) who’s ever asked me “so what’s there to do in Australia?”

Stay tuned…

One Comment

Terris said:

Hey, how do you get into the red carpet club? Wedding bells?

Friday, September 17 2004 at 8:58 AM