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Friday, 26 November 2004


Shop ‘til you Drop

Stephen Roach, the chief economist at investment banking giant Morgan Stanley, has a public reputation for being bearish. But you should hear what he’s saying in private. Roach met select groups of fund managers downtown last week, including a group at Fidelity. His prediction: America has no better than a 10 percent chance of avoiding economic “armageddon.” Press were not allowed into the meetings. But the Herald has obtained a copy of Roach’s presentation. A stunned source who was at one meeting said, “it struck me how extreme he was - much more, it seemed to me, than in public.” — The Boston Herald

Hmm. I don’t know either Roach’s or the Herald’s reputation (this doesn’t appear to be reported anywhere else in the traditional media), beyond what’s said here. More at Morgan Stanley.