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Thursday, 17 March 2005


Travel Warning

I personally like Airbus planes, especially the A340, but Risks Digest has given me a reason to avoid some of them;

[A]fter (an earlier) disaster, more than 20 American Airlines A300 pilots asked to be transferred to Boeings, although this meant months of retraining and loss of earnings. Some of those who contributed to pilots’ bulletin boards last week expressed anger at the European manufacturer in vehement terms. One wrote that having attended an Airbus briefing…, he had refused to let any of his family take an A300 or A310 and had paid extra to take a circuitous route on holiday purely to avoid them: ‘That is how convinced I am that there are significant problems associated with these aircraft.’

If you read the entire article, you’ll see that, basically, the tails are failling off of A300s and A310s. So, if you happen to fly a fair amount, you might want to pay more attention to that “equipment” column in the reservations system.

Luckily, United doesn’t seem to have any of these in its fleet, so most of my flights are OK (in this regard, at least.)

One Comment

Yaron said:

Of course what the article doesn’t say is if Boeing uses any of the similar materials.

BTW, this isn’t a new story. It seems to have originally broken sometime in 2002:

And it looks like Airbus may very well have known about the Rudder issue:

Airbus also recently told all A300/A310 owners to inspect their tails using a ‘tap test’ instead of visual inspection:

Friday, March 18 2005 at 8:43 AM