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Tuesday, 17 May 2005


OxygenXML, Now with Visual Schema Editing

OxygenXML 6.0 is out, and it sucks even less. The biggest news is — finally! — a visual Schema editor. This may be the biggest threat yet to Gudge’s job security, as Human Schema Editor. :)

I’ve only played with it a bit (as an Eclipse plug-in), but so far, so good; hopefully, the Syncrosoft guys weren’t tempted into XML Spy “compliance”; its visual Schema editor is the root of a lot of problems, and if Oxygen’s implementation is as good as it has been in the past, they’re going to blow XML Spy out of the water.

There are actually two modes; a schema-mirroring “Full Model” and a more abstract “Logical Model. ”

BTW, I love the “maintenance” option; I’ve upgraded from version 4 to 6 without paying anything more…