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Monday, 26 December 2005


2005 in Feeds

Another year has gone by, and rather than cataloguing music, movies or books that I liked, here are some feeds on the Web that I enjoyed reading throughout the year. I’ll avoid repeating the obvious news, technical and blogroll feeds.

HotelChatter remains one of my favourite feeds, perhaps due to my acknowledged problem of collecting boutique and design hotels. If you have to travel for work or pleasure, check your destination out there first; you might find a great hotel.

ProductDose is a new one that’s high-traffic and heavily addictive. They specialise in well-designed items for the home, although there’s a smattering of everything from affordable denim jeans to technology. A must if you like buying stuff (you capitalist, you).

If you, as I do, have a not-so-secret dream of moving to Sweden, check out How to learn Swedish in 1000 difficult lessons.

Marginal Revolution is one of the most popular economics blogs, with good thoughts about economics research and news, as well as fun ones like this advice about holiday giving.

Another good econ blog is Dear Economist; Tim Harford takes an advice columnist approach to dosing out concepts in economics, with sometimes hilarious results.

Peter Murphy’s Panoramic VR Weblog gives you a once-in-a-while virtual trip to Australia, courtesy of Quicktime VR. He publishes sporadically, but often manages to capture a glimpse into current events, like the Cronulla riots.

For the new parents out there, Anitra IM’d me BabyGadget last week, and it looks promising.

Consumerist gives a forum to an American institution; the dissatisfied customer. I’ve only been following it for a little while; although it sometimes seems more concerned with writing cool copy than having good topics (or staying on-topic), I like the idea.

Finally, although it’s very NYC-centric, Apartment Therapy gives some good links for those who haven’t yet taken the plunge into homownership, or can only scrape together enough for a condo.

What are your favourite feeds for 2005?