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Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Australia Personal

Week Two in Victoria

I say “Victoria,” not Melbourne, because we’re currently staying in Forest Hill, courtesy of Roger and Marg, who are on holiday.

The good news is that today we signed a six-month lease for a flat in Kia Ora on St Kilda Road, right next to Inger and Luke (as well as Fawkner Park), which will serve as a base of operations while we look for somewhere more permanent.

Once we spend an absurd amount of money for appliances (e.g., by convention, when you rent somewhere here, it doesn’t come with a refrigerator), our only immediate hurdle remaining will be finding child care for Bennet; we have a few possibilities lined up, but nothing definitive. This is apparently not uncommon.

Being semi-homeless and holding down a full-time job is exhausting! That said, it’s very nice to see everyone again, and have decent coffee again!

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Adam Fitzpatrick said:

Re: “I say “Victoria,” not Melbourne, because we’re currently staying in Forest Hill”

I reckon if you were to ask them “Do you live in Melbourne?”, the residents of every single house that appears in the Google Maps page you link to would say “yes”.

Tim Bray came across this difference in perspective this week too:

Monday, January 8 2007 at 12:41 PM