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Friday, 3 July 2009

Standards Web

Come to the Stockholm IETF!

The Stockholm IETF meeting is shaping up to be an interesting one (and not just because it’s in such a beautiful city).

As announced on the mailing list, we are having a HTTPbis working group meeting. It looks like all of the editors will be there as well, so we’ll have a chance to get good feedback from the community, as well as move forward on the documents in between other meetings.

Additionally, I’m helping to arrange a couple of informal meetings:

The IETF/W3C Liaison has been discussing issues surrounding IRIs for a little while now, and we’re holding an IRI Bar BoF (informal meeting that’s often but not always in a bar) to get more involvement from the wider community (including the IDNAbis effort) so that we can figure out the appropriate standards actions.

I’m particularly interested in this one, since a lot of XML efforts (e.g., Atom) are reflexively using IRIs instead of URIs wherever they can — including cases where they’re not intended for display to humans — even though supporting them is potentially a lot trickier.

There’s also been a fair amount of recent discussion around Atom extensions and revisions, so we’re arranging an Atom Bar BoF as well. My personal feeling is that revising Atom to account for non-blog use cases is necessary, although the energy that the community has to devote to it is probably low. Should be an interesting discussion.

See you there!