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Sunday, 20 January 2013


A Short Note

In 2001, Charlie was born, and (understandably) we were freaking out a bit, having a new child and all. However, at about the same time, I met this really remarkable kid at the W3C, and I asked him what advice he could give me, from his perspective.

The response was that school was rubbish ;) and a recommendation for a book (which I still have, somewhere). Over the years, we e-mailed a bit, especially about RSS and some Web-related software that bounced between, and had lunch on occasion.

I haven’t talked much about Aaron or the resulting kerfuffle, except to say that I’ll miss him. However, it was really hard this morning to explain what happened to Aaron to Charlie, maybe because I view him as just a tiny bit formative in how I raise my kids. I hope they have even a fraction of the spark, the curiosity and the determination that he had. And, that the world they grow up in is just a bit more like the one that he wanted to live in.

[I thought about putting this on facebook to restrict the distribution to just friends, but upon reflection, that seemed just monstrously wrong.]