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A contributor to the development of the Internet and the Web for more than 20 years, Mark’s work focuses on HTTP, privacy and security, performance, and metadata. While primarily active in the IETF and W3C as venues for protocol development, he also has a strong interest in Internet governance as a form of transnational regulation.

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Professional Experience


Standards Lead (6/22–)

Just getting started…


Senior Principal Engineer, Office of the CTO (8/17–5/22)

Responsible for development and execution of external collaboration strategy, encompassing technical standards, open source, and industry research.

Achievements include improving Content Delivery Network interoperability and shared functionality through the standardisation of common functions; assisting the Web’s transition to HTTP/3, and contributions to the continued viability of standards organisations as venues for the public good.

Also assisted in product definition by providing domain expertise in HTTP and other protocols.

Mozilla Corporation

Independant Contractor (5/17–8/17)

Reporting to the Firefox CTO. Defined a targeted standardisation strategy; improved standards coordination and communication by piloting the Mozilla Specification Positions repository.

Akamai Technologies

Principal Architect, Web Division (9/12–4/17)

Responsible for defining and leading Akamai’s standards participation strategy, primarily in the IETF and W3C. Served as an in-house expert on HTTP and the Web. Helped to grow Akamai’s IETF participation from one regular attendee to over ten.


Systems Architect, Subject Matter Expert (8/11–8/12)

Responsible for defining and executing Rackspace’s cloud standards strategy. Improved Rackspace and OpenStack HTTP APIs.


Senior Principal Technical Yahoo! (1/06–8/11)

Defined internal standards for HTTP APIs for Yahoo!’s Media group (approximately 20 sites, including finance, movies and news). This work subsequently served as the basis for Yahoo!-wide standards.

Also served as a subject-matter expert on HTTP, assisting product groups in architecting, supporting and implementing services, evangelising its use both inside and outside of Yahoo!.

A major part of this was developing, maintaining and supporting Yahoo’s internal build of the Squid Web Cache, including feature development, such as two new invalidation protocols and stale-while-revalidate. This software was used both for the front end (e.g., Flickr, 1.8 billion+ hits/day) and back end (e.g., Sports, News, Mail, Frontpage) by more than 35 internal customers. Also assisted with road-mapping features for the newly open-sourced Apache Traffic Server.

Additionally, helped manage the company’s overall standards participation and strategy, representing it in the W3C Advisory Committee and elsewhere.

BEA Systems

Senior Principal Technologist, Office of the CTO (5/02–1/06)

Provided leadership in standards participation and input on the company’s overall technology strategy through development of Web services specifications, representation of the company to the industry (through conference presentations and standards committees), and by liaising with partners, customers and internal resources.

Akamai Technologies

Research Scientist, Standards and Protocols (9/99–3/02)

Was the company’s resident expert in HTTP, XML, Web services and other Web technologies.

A primary deliverable was the design of Akamai’s “metadata” system (also known as “ARLv3”), allowing control of distributed server behaviour through a configuration file as well as request and response attributes.

Participated in the development and edited the specification for Edge Side Includes - a platform for edge computing.

Merrill Lynch

Internet Project Manager (7/98–9/99)

Championed, designed and oversaw implementation of a worldwide enterprise content delivery network, wrote policy directives for architecture and deployment of caching Web proxies, and proactively diagnosed and remedied performance issues with internal Web-based research delivery system.

Was also responsible for Web development and support within the Australiasian region, working with management to develop a Intranet and Internet business plan. This included deploying and maintaining enterprise firewall systems for Internet and extranet access.


Web Engineer (7/96–3/97)

Was the Webmaster for this ISP, responsible for design of corporate identity, packaging, sales and support materials in addition to Web design. Also assisted in the deployment of a large-scale Squid proxy cache cluster, and led a team to ship an Internet dialup client on CD-ROM.

La Trobe University, IT Services

Webmaster (12/95–7/96)

Was responsible for oversight of the University’s Web presence. This included building and maintaining University Web servers and Harvest caching proxies, developing University-wide policies for Internet use in consultation with legal counsel, and designing the University Web site (which won Best Tertiary Education Site at the 1996 Australian Internet Awards).

Also planned and presented Internet and Web training seminars to University staff.


Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne

Graduate Diploma, Communications Law 2022

Studied law to better understand its impact upon and intersection with Internet governance. Coursework included Privacy Law, Competition in Digital Markets, Digital Trade, and Regulatory Policy and Practice.

Towson State University

BA, Interdisciplinary Studies 1994

Studied both fine art and journalistic photography, with additional coursework in graphic design, the philosophy of aesthetics, the physics of light, colour theory, and journalism.

Citizen of both the United States and Australia; resident in Australia.